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Global Training Solutions Inc. provides compliance, workforce training programs and classroom instruction aimed at the development, training and safety of employees in many diverse industries worldwide. © 2020 Global Training Solutions


Our Classroom Instructional Training Programs can address the requirements of any size organization to accommodate courses to satisfy an immediate one-time training need or the entire outsourcing of your training curriculum.
We specialize in cost-effective, custom-designed and outcome-driven programs. We design our courses to enhance participants’ capacity to increase revenue, reduce costs, expand organizational capabilities, enhance performance and increase customer satisfaction. Depending on your specific requirements, Global Training Solutions Inc. can assist your organization through the entire process from course design and development to delivery and evaluation. You can choose to have us develop your entire program or have our team work with your existing training staff to supplement your current efforts. Our pool of highly specialized trainers have extensive technical and industrial experience in dealing with solving real world problems, issues and challenges, similar to those that your organization may be facing. Our programs encompass all areas of engineering to include chemical, civil, electrical, environmental, mechanical, municipal, management and much more. Training can be delivered either at our training centres or on-site at your location anywhere worldwide. If you have a specific training requirement, please contact GTS as we do offer a number of other courses or will customize a program to suit your specialized needs.
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Classroom Instructor-Led Training Courses Include:


Above Ground Storage Tanks: Operation, Inspection & Maintenance Basics of Boiler Water Treatment Boiler Water Treatment Technology Determining and Interpreting PVT Properties and Phase Behaviour of Petroleum Reservoir Fluids Storage and Handling of Hazardous Materials Computer 50+ Data Visualization, Mapping and Graphic Design Tools for Engineers Advanced Internet Research Techniques Artificial Intelligence for Engineers Blockchain for Engineers Intermediate Excel & VBA in Engineering Managing Your Inbox - E-mail Efficiency Virtual Reality for Engineers Civil Review of Urban Drainage and Stormwater Management Facility Designs Advanced Concrete Technology for Durable and Sustainable Civil Infrastructure Advanced Design and Behaviour of Steel Structures Advanced Permeable Pavement Design and Construction Applied Soil Mechanics and Shoring Design Asphalt Mix Design Assessing the Building Envelope Assessing the HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Safety, and Moisture Problems Bearing Capacity and Settlement of Pile Foundations (Axial loads) Bearing Capacity and Settlement of Shallow Foundations Bridge and Culvert OSIM Inspection I Bridge and Culvert OSIM Inspection II Building Condition Assessment Building Upgrading and Repair - After the Assessment Coastal and Marine Engineering with Application Composites in Construction Comprehensive Review of Culvert, Open Channel and Storm Sewer Design Comprehensive Review of Drainage Design Methods Comprehensive Workshop on Soil Engineering - Fundamentals and Applications Concrete Pavement Design and Construction Construction Claims from A to Z Construction Management Construction Management - Common Mistakes Owners & Contractors Make That Cause Claims Construction Management - Managing Construction Disputes Intelligently Construction Management - Pricing Contractor Delay Costs Construction Project Delivery Solutions - Design-Build, EPC, P3 and Construction Management Dam Safety Practices and Innovative Solutions Design and Analysis of Stormwater Management Ponds Design and Construction of Earthworks Design and Construction of Interlocking Concrete Pavements for Municipal Streets and Roadways Design and Construction of Liner Systems Design and Maintenance of Roof Systems on Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Buildings Design of Buried Pipelines Design of Concrete Bridges Design of Deep Foundations Design of Equipment Foundations Design of Flexible and Rigid Pavements Design of Lightweight Wood Framed Lateral Load Structural Systems Design of Sanitary Sewer and Storm Water Drainage Systems - Workshop Design of Shallow Foundations Design, Assessment and Rehabilitation of Railway Bridges Designing Temporary Structures Diagnosing Defects in Aging Concrete Structures and Developing Effective Repair Solutions Earthquake Resistant Design Based on Seismic Provisions in NBCC Ensuring Compliance With the Alberta Building Code Erosion & Sediment Control Comprehensive Training Program Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Pavements Expectations Management for Design & Construction Flood Control, Land Drainage and Stormwater Management Formwork for Concrete Structures Foundation Design Foundation Design in Permafrost Geotechnical Aspects of Pavements Geotechnical Engineering Fundamentals: Basic Soil Mechanics Concepts Geotechnical Engineering Fundamentals: Slope Stability Geotechnical Engineering Fundamentals: Water in Soils (Permeability and Seepage) Geotechnical Site Investigation and Instrumentation How to Prevent Weld Failures Based on CSA W59-13 Hydraulic Design for Hydro-Power Projects Hydrotechnical Engineering for Non-Hydrotechnical Engineers Inspection, Repair and Rehabilitation of Marine Structures Introduction to Permeable Pavement Design Introduction to the Changes in the Seismic Provisions of the 2015 National Building Code of Canada Laterally Loaded Piles – Lateral Load Capacity and Deflection Light-Rail Transit Planning and Operations for Transportation Professionals [Training for Planners, Engineers, Designers and Technologists] Non-Destructive Testing of Concrete Structures Ontario Fire Code - Fire Safety Inspections Pavement Design 101 Pavement: Effective Methods for the Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Commercial Parking Area Pavements Planning, Design, Construction, Repair and Renovation of Docks and Marinas Preventive Maintenance of Facilities Seismic Analysis and Design of Steel and Reinforced Concrete Buildings using NBCC 15 Sidewalk Design, Evaluation and Management: Maintaining Infrastructure and Reducing Liability Risk Site Investigation for Geotechnical Design Stormwater Management - Design, Inspection and Operation/Maintenance of Stormwater Control Facilities Structural Design for Lateral Loads and Stability Structural Design of Industrial Buildings Structural Design Principles and Applications of Strut and Tie Approach Structural Engineering for Non-Structural Engineers Structural Modelling: Behavior and Modelling of Different Lateral Load Structural Systems Structural Modelling: Code Procedures for Wind and Seismic Loads on Structures Structural Modelling: Industrial Buildings Structural Modelling: Selected Topics in Modelling of Structural Components Structural Rehabilitation of Bridges Structural Steel Connections - Design, Detail and Specifications The Impact of Design, Construction and Maintenance Features on the Long-Term Performance of Pavements Total Building Commissioning, Recommissioning and Retro-commissioning Process Traffic Signal Design and Operation Trenchless Technology: A Solution to Open Excavation Trends in Construction Technology – The Potential Impact on Project Management & Construction Claims Upgrading Bridge Inspection Skills Web Series: Building Condition Assessment Web Series: Construction Management Web Series: Foundation Engineering: From Site Investigation to Design Web Series: Geotechnical Engineering Fundamentals Web Series: Structural Modelling for High-Rise and Industrial Buildings Welding Design and Metal Fatigue for Structural Engineers Wind Effects on Buildings: Design Using the 2015 National Building Code Writing and Presenting Building Condition Assessment Reports Electrical 3 Phase Fault Analysis Analytical Troubleshooting Complex Electrical Systems Applications of Power Capacitors and Harmonics on Electrical Equipment Arc Flash and Shock Mitigation for Industrial Personnel - Electrical Safety per CSA Z462/OSHA 1910 Arc Flash Application, Mitigation and Electrical Safety Basic Digital - Electric Circuits Basic Electrical Theory Basic Power System Metering Basic Protection and Control Basic Transformers, Connections and Protection Canadian Electrical Code - 2018 Characteristics and Application of Electric Machines Control Systems for Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Distributed Generation Electric Power Distribution System for Industrial Plants Electrical Design for Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Facilities Electrical Engineering for Non-Electrical Engineers Electrical Engineering for Practitioners in the Oil and Gas Industry Electrical Hazardous Area Classifications and Hazardous Area Wiring Electrical Overhead and Underground Distribution Systems Electrical Power Distribution Engineering Electrical Power Equipment - Selection, Commissioning and Maintenance Electrical Power Systems Modeling and Simulation Emergency Generators Energy Conservation in Industrial and Commercial Environment Fire Alarm Systems: Design, Installation, Inspection and Testing Fire Alarm Systems: Codes and Standard Requirements for Installation, Verification and Testing Fire Code – Fire Safety Inspections Fire Safety Plans Fundamentals of Electrical Distribution Systems Fundamentals of Modern Substation Equipment, Protection and Controls Grounding and Bonding of Electrical Systems Grounding Audit: Measurements, Analysis and Design High and Medium Voltage Substation Design, Testing and Maintenance Introduction to LED Lighting and Luminaires Lightning Protection and Transient Overvoltage Maximizing the Potential of Building Automation to Save Energy and Improve Comfort Modern Power System Protective Relaying Motor Protection Motors and Variable Speed Drives Optimal Design of Solar Thermal (ST) and Photovoltaic Thermal (PVT) Systems Per-Unit System Analysis of Electrical Power Systems PLC and PAC Programming Power Cable Engineering Power System Analysis for Industrial Application Power System Fundamentals For Non-Electrical Professionals Renewable Energy Requirements for Maintenance and Inspection of Fire Protection Equipment & Systems Solar PV System Design Substation SCADA Surge Arrester Application Symmetrical Components for Unbalanced 3 Phase Power System Analysis Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance of Electrical Systems Transformer Operational Principles, Selection and Troubleshooting Transient Recovery Voltage (TRV) for High-Voltage Circuit Breakers Web Series: System Fault Analysis Web Series: Basics of Electrical Theory, Circuits and Introduction to Protection and Control Wind Farm Development, Design, Operation and Maintenance Environmental Air Emission Management Air Emission Management Application of Artificial Intelligence in Civil/Environmental Engineering Canadian Environmental Protection Act and Regulations Communal Wastewater Systems Contaminated Soil and Groundwater, Assessment and Remediation Dampness and Fungal Contamination in Buildings: Causes, Impacts and Solutions Dealing with Facility Odour Issues Designing Wastewater Pumping Stations and Lift Stations Environmental Bioremediation Environmental Engineering for Non-Environmental Engineers Environmental Site Assessment and Remediation Field Groundwater Purging, Monitoring and Sampling Industrial Air Emissions Control Instrumentation and Control for Water & Wastewater Processes Interpreting Air Dispersion Model Results Introduction to Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change Introduction to River Ice Engineering Introduction to the Canadian Air Quality Management System Management of Fugitive Dust Principal Aspects of Chemical and Biological Processes used in Water Treatment Risk Assessment of Contaminated Sites Site Assessment According to Alberta Tier I and II Soil and Groundwater Guidelines Understanding Environmental Regulations Wastewater Lagoons and Ponds Wastewater Pumping Systems: Design Fundamentals Wastewater Treatment, Water Recovery and Re-Use General A Manager's Guide to Developing Clear Expectations Advanced Communication Skills Are You Fighting Fires Instead of Managing Your Employees? Avoiding Construction Claims by Improving the Quality of Drawings, Specifications and Bidding Documents Avoiding Construction Overruns and the Resultant Construction Disputes Become a Master Delegator Best Practices for Construction Project Scheduling Bidding, Evaluation, Negotiation and Contract Award - For Construction Projects Business Writing for the Technical Professional: Harness the Writing Process Coaching and Mentoring for Technical Leaders Communication Tools and Techniques for Distributed Teams Conflict and How to Deal with it as a New Manager Construction Procurement 20/20: A Clear Look at the Future Construction Projects: Avoiding Overruns and Claims Coping with Complex Ethical Dilemmas in Engineering Practice Cost Engineering - Effective Estimating and Cost Control of Engineering and Construction Projects Delivering Dispute Free Projects – Alternative Dispute Resolution Delivering Dispute Free Projects – Construction and Claims Management Delivering Dispute Free Projects – Does Partnering Help? Delivering Dispute Free Projects – Planning, Design & Bidding Developing Powerful, Winning Proposals Effective Construction Office and Field Administration Engineering Leadership: The 4 Fundamentals for Leading Others Excuses, Blame and Unmet Expectations: How to Build a Culture of Accountability Financial Analysis and Engineering Economics for the Technical Professional Foundations of Construction Law Fundamentals of Leading and Managing Engineers and Technical Staff Fundamentals of Project Management Going from a Peer to a Manager and Getting Respect Harness the Business Writing Process (Emphasis on Email) High Impact Presentation Skills for Career Advancement How to Give and Receive Effective Feedback How to Increase the Productivity of your Company How to Plan and Write Social Media Content Identity Theft: How to Protect Your Business and Your Customers If You Haven’t Planned It – You Can’t Control It Internet Security Tools for Technical Professionals Interpretation and Enforcement of Construction Contracts Leadership Beyond your Team: Managing up and Across the Capacity of your Team Leadership Lessons Learned (3L) Managing Changes Efficiently in the Workplace Negotiate Your Way to Success Negotiating Better Engineering Contracts Principles of Power Project Management for Engineers: Cost Project Management for Engineers: Scope Project Management for Engineers: Time Project Management in Industrial and Commercial Environment Project Risk Management Resume Writing for Engineers and Technical Professionals Schedule Delay Analysis – Choosing a Method and Why do They Deliver Different Results Successful Construction Project Administration - From Start to Completion Successfully Selecting Contractors and Consultants System Engineering: Managing Development Projects The Seven Habits for Highly Effective Technical People - An Overview Unlock Your Most Powerful Management Tool Using Standard Form Contracts for Construction and Design Services Web Series: Delivering Dispute Free Projects Web Series: Project Management for Engineers: Scope, Time and Cost Writing for the Web: Websites, Navigation Structure, Landing Pages Industrial Fundamentals of Industrial Engineering Pilot Plants: Principles of Design, Operation and Maintenance Plant Layout - 5 Essential Tips Pre-Start Health and Safety Review Process Design and Engineering of Gas Processing Plant and Equipment Root Cause Analysis for Technical and General Applications Mechanical Advanced Power Generation Gas Turbines, Co-generation and Combined Cycle Plants ASME B31.1 and ASME B31.3 Pressure Piping Codes General Requirements Overview Assessment of Indoor Air Quality - Investigation Strategies Boilers, Boiler Controls, Combustion and Steam System Efficiency Building Control Systems Calculating the Durability and Fatigue of Mechanical Components Codes and Standards of HVAC Equipment and Systems Demystifying Cathodic Protection Design and Operation of Chilled Water Plants Design Approach, Maintenance and Inspection of Fire Sprinkler Systems Design, Operation and Maintenance of HVAC Systems Electronics for Mechanical Engineers Failures, Failure Prevention and Repair of Pressure Vessels, Piping, Boilers and Rotating Machinery with Life Extension Considerations Fluid Statics, Hydrodynamics and Hydraulic Machines Fundamentals, Sizing, Selection, and Operation of HVAC Systems Heat Exchangers - Design, Operation and Performance Industrial Piping and Associated Equipment In-Plant Cranes, Hoists and Lifting Devices - Types, Components, Inspection, Operation and Safety Layout and Design of Process Plant Equipment and Piping Systems Mechanical Engineering for Non-Mechanical Engineers Metallurgy for the Non-Metallurgist Optimizing Equipment and Facilities Maintenance Programs Plumbing Systems Design for Multi-Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Buildings Process Equipment and Piping Systems: Application, Design and Operation Process Piping Systems Pumps and Pipe Systems - Features and Technology Pumps: Selection, Operation and Maintenance Risk Management in Process Equipment Operation & Maintenance Structural Mechanics Fundamentals – Stresses, Strains and Torsion Municipal Design Safer Roads for Pedestrians and Cyclists Drinking Water Treatment - Principles and Practices Infrastructure Asset Management: A Strategic Approach Toward Sustainability Maintaining and Rehabilitating Watermains Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Highway and Municipal Roadway Pavements Managing Risk and Liability in Parks, Playgrounds, and Open Spaces in Municipalities Municipal Construction Inspection Municipal Engineering Fundamentals for Non-Engineers Pavement Design & Construction of Municipal Roadways Roundabout Planning, Design and Implementation Sanitary Landfill - Leachate and Gas Management Shared Multimodal Cities: Integrating Smart Mobility and City Planning for Livable Cities Subdivision Design, Review, Approvals and Development Thermal Energy Recovery and Climate Change in Waste Management System Upgrading Road Inspection and Maintenance Skills