Health, Safety and Environment

Healthcare Environments: for Medical Personnel

Extreme stress, falls and even patient violence can cause serious physical and emotional injuries

Every day, medical professionals treat people who have been injured at work. Due to their unique environments and responsibilities, medical personnel themselves are also twice as likely as other employees to suffer an injury at work. The first step towards reducing these injuries is to educate medical personnel about how to identify, prevent and protect themselves from the hazards that can be found in a healthcare environment.

The Safety and Human Resource Healthcare courses for Medical Personnel provide crucial information about how to recognize and defend against these hazards, the government regulations that they must comply with to make their facility a safer place, and how to work well together.

The courses are divided into a number of logical sections, each with its own quiz, so information is easily understood. The interactive formats allow trainers to collect employee performance information which can be organized through a powerful relational database and provides recordkeeping and tracking report capabilities.

The DVD programs contain a Presenter’s Guide, Employee Quizzes, Scheduling and Attendance Forms, and Training Certificates.

Languages: Programs are available in English and Spanish.

Formats: Web-based E-learning / DVD / Micro Learning (3-5 minute courses) / Adaptive-Learning

Healthcare Environments: for Medical Personnel Training Programs

Healthcare Environments: for Medical Personnel

The Back Safety in Healthcare Environments: for Office and Maintenance Personnel course discusses situations that can lead to back injuries and what employees can do to avoid them at work and at home.

Topics Covered

  • The structure of the back
  • Sources of back pain and injuries
  • The importance of good posture
  • How to lift objects without injuring your back
  • Developing healthy habits to keep your back pain-free

Micro-Learning Curriculum

  • The Back and How It Works
  • Types of Back Injuries
  • Better Posture for a Healthier Back
  • How to Lift Things Safely
  • Patient Handling
  • Taking Care of Your Back 24/7

The Patient Handling Safety training course discusses the hazards that can be associated with patient handling tasks and what healthcare workers can do to prevent accidents and injuries from occurring while they perform them.

Topics Covered

  • Patient handling and caregiver injuries
  • Algorithms, patient assessment and body mechanics
  • Repositioning a patient in bed
  • Performing patient transfer tasks safely
  • Mechanical lift devices

Micro-Learning Curriculum

  • Patient Handling and Caregiver Injuries
  • Algorithms, Patient Assessment and Body Mechanics
  • Repositioning A Patient In Bed
  • Lateral Transfer From Bed to Stretcher
  • Stand and Pivot From Bed to Chair
  • Mechanical Lift Devices