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Maritime and Marine

JUST RELEASED – Mooring Operations and Hydrogen Awareness E-Learning Courses

Maritime and MarineThe Mooring Operations Awareness e-Learning course is a 60-minute module designed for all seafarers and covers what is involved in a mooring operation, what hazards exist while mooring is taking place, and how to remain safe while carrying out mooring operations.

The course combines photographic and animated imagery to present mooring operations and the associated hazards to delegates. Interactive exercises and frequent knowledge checks keep the learner engaged throughout.

A shortened version of this course is available for those who need to be aware of the dangers of mooring operations but will not be directly involved in them.

The Hydrogen Awareness course is 60 minutes in length and is designed for all seafarers. The course covers how hydrogen can be used as a cleaner, greener alternative to traditional fossil fuels. They will also learn about the properties of hydrogen, and what hazards and risks are associated with liquid hydrogen.

The course uses a range of learning techniques, including interactive screens, high quality images and a real-life maritime case study.

Health, Safety and Environment

NOW AVAILABLE – Spanish HACCP and Food Handling Training Courses

Food Handling Training Courses

The Spanish Food Handling Safety course discusses the contamination hazards that are associated with food handling, and the materials, equipment and safe work practices to ensure that the foods that are prepared safely so that they wont make someone sick.

The Spanish HACCP – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points in the Food Industry course introduces the HACCP food safety system, identifies the food safety hazards that are used to control and describes how to create a HACCP plan for the workplace.

NERC System Operations

NERC Systems OperationsNOW AVAILABLE – 2022 Electric Power System Reliability Text For System Operators

The new 2022 Edition of the Electric Power System Reliability Textbook includes the latest material and revised NERC Standards. The detailed book presents a new perspective on power system fundamentals within the context of the NERC Reliability Standards. This perspective is designed to frame each standard so that it is better understood and the information can be more easily assimilated by power system operating personnel. Sample questions at the end of many chapters further help in preparation for the NERC Operator Certification Exams. The book incorporates the current exam application and analysis type questions. The book is updated every year to include new and revised standards.

Transmission Distribution

Transmission DistributionNEWLY UPDATED – Two Power Linemen Training Courses For The T&D Industry

The new Care and Testing of Tools and Equipment training course is a 1-hour interactive online module that covers care, inspection, and testing of tools and equipment commonly used in transmission and distribution maintenance work. It describes the purpose of and procedures for performing dielectric tests, acoustic emissions tests, and visual inspections of various tools and equipment. It also covers basic guidelines for keeping tools and equipment in safe operating conditions.

The Safety in Underground Line Maintenance training course is a 1-hour interactive online course covering the basic safety principles and practices applicable to underground line maintenance work. The principles addressed are applicable to work area safety, the use of test equipment to ensure respiratory and electrical safety, and to ensure the structural integrity of underground work sites.

Health, Safety and Environment

Whats NewNEWLY RELEASED – Transportation Safety Training Courses Online

Just released are courses covering DOT Reasonable Suspicion Testing for Managers and Supervisors. This two-part course has been created to satisfy the DOT’s 2-Hour Reasonable Suspicion training requirements.

Part 1 discusses the Department of Transportation’s drug and alcohol regulations, the concept of reasonable suspicion, situations that justify reasonable suspicion testing, signs that an employee may be using drugs, and the procedures that managers and supervisors should use to administer reasonable suspicion testing fairly and effectively.

Part 2 explains behavioral and physical signs that someone has been drinking, how alcohol and drug tests are conducted, the Removal-from-Work and the Return-to-Duty processes.

Health, Safety and Environment

Regulatory ComplianceJUST RELEASED – Four New Transportation Safety Training Courses

Drivers of rigs help to drive the day-to-day commerce that powers the economy. In order to ensure they have the knowledge, skill and commitment to keep our roads safe, four new training courses have been released to expand the Transportation library.

These courses include the following titles: DOT Hours of Service, DOT Cargo Securement, Driving Defensively for CDL/Large Vehicle Drivers: The Basics and Driving Defensively for CDL/Large Vehicle Drivers: Handling Adverse Conditions.

Industrial Skills

Industrial SkillsJUST RELEASED – New Course Training Titles Online

A number of highly interactive courses have been completed and released to include:

  • Static Electricity Safety
  • HSE MircoLearning Library (65 titles)
  • Becoming An Alley
  • Changes to NFPA 70E® Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace® – 2021 Edition
  • Fundamental Dimensions and Process Variables
  • Forces and Motion

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