High Voltage Switching Simulator for Substations

Navigate and train within a 3D-simulated substation environment, following dangerous procedures needed to safely conduct high voltage switching procedures.

Provides 3D-simulated substation environment for learners to practice safe HV switching procedures online

Working in and around substations is very dangerous, considering the fact that the entire location is rife with potential electrical and chemical hazards, even the slightest negligence can prove catastrophic. One of the most dangerous tasks is High Voltage Switching which involves the procedure of taking equipment in and out of service for the purpose of preventative maintenance, repairs, or construction activities. What makes it so dangerous for the employee is that switching is not a common occurrence, making it difficult for employees to gain significant experience on the job.

Topics Covered

High Voltage Switching Simulator: Introduction to the Switching Process

Duartion: 1.00 Hr

Course Level: Intermediate
Languages: English
Compatibility: Audio, Video

This interactive simulator will simulate this dangerous procedure, allowing companies to train their employees as often as needed, without bringing harm to learners or expensive equipment.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Complete a high voltage switching procedure
High Voltage Switching Simulator for Substations

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