IT and Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Improves awareness of threats to online security and learn best practices for protecting data and IT infrastructure.

IT Courses Online and Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Threats of cybersecurity breaches are on the rise, and agencies must be proactive in protecting sensitive corporate and personal information. The Cybersecurity Awareness Training Courses features up-to-date lessons for browser, email and password security to improve cybersecurity awareness amongst employees and mitigate risks to your organization’s data. Cyber Awareness training improves awareness of threats to online security and provides best practices for safeguarding data. Security awareness training covers the basics for protecting employees’ online identity against malware and scams.

Topics include incident preparedness, safeguarding against social engineer attacks, password security basics, email safety and end-user best practices.

Personnel can complete the training online and refer back to the self-paced courses at any time. Each course also includes an end exam to verify employees’ comprehension.

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