Security Guard Training Online

Performance focused online training solutions that help security patrol personnel maintain safety for the people and infrastructure they are tasked to protect.

A highly interactive and engaging online Learning Plan

Featuring scenario-based interactions and videos to deliver an accelerated track to address assignments and the ever present threat of the emergency call for security officers worldwide.

Security Guard Training Online

The Professional Security Guard Learning Plans consists of the following:

Also included is access to hundreds of hours of training to cover topics of OSHA and Compliance, Human Resources, Motor Vehicle Safety, Office Productivity, and Professional Development courses.

Core Features

The engaging training design of the Professional Security Guard Training Series emphasizes the use of real-world video, interactive learning techniques and comprehensive tracking to ensure active employee participation, retention and critical incident management.

The flexible delivery model for learning plan design, delivery, testing, tracking, reporting and communication works with any learning management system (LMS).

Assign and Customize Training

Schedule and deliver accredited online courses or customized training activities with just a few clicks. Administrators have the ability to create, assign and manage the delivery of web-based content.

They can also deliver policies, SOPs and all other communications; ensure accountability by requiring employees to use an e-signature to verify receiving activities; track completions; and run reports with complete and accurate data

Track and Report Progress

Monitor training progress with detailed reports and oversee every security officer in your agency.

Administrators can run reports on completed assignments, incomplete assignments, users, credentials, certificates, etc., save reports, recreate popular reports and specify output columns; keep track on their organization’s progress toward completing courses and activities; and easily monitor assignment data that automatically filters onto the dashboard.

Centralize Resources With File Centre

Go paperless by storing files in a password-protected File Center to maintain records. Organizations can store organizational resources, including policies, new-hire documentation and any other type of file they want in a password-protected and centralized online location.

Coordinate Events With Notifications

Organizations can manage events and off-site training (including instructor-led and live meetings, etc.), track attendees and distribute pre or post event material.

Set up e-mail alerts specific for each security guard to inform site administrators and employees when expirations and deadlines approach.

Streamline Communications With Bulletin Board

Make announcements and facilitate discussions with the Bulletin Board and online forum. Centralize messages in one location – Administrators can post organizational announcements for their entire organization to view on the homepage of the platform.

The platform features a web-based discussion board that provides a centralized online location where an organization’s administrators and users can discuss issues and trade ideas.

Share and Collaborate With Community Resources

Share resources with other organizations and collaborate and exchange ideas with neighbouring agencies.

Exclusive access to training videos, policies, best practices feature articles from industry experts, inspection forms, etc. and much more from other organizations across the country. Shared resources can be downloaded and delivered with ease.

Organization and User Profiles

Site administrators can easily manage and update their employees’ levels of access to the platform.

SCORM - Deliver Your Own Training Content

The Professional Security Officer System supports SCORM compliant courses from all sources.

Organizations can create customized content and upload it through the SCORM-compatible system; create any type of custom activity, test, video or credential and deliver it with our unique and robust platform.


  • Easily install or remove course units, enroll or delete trainees and import or export trainee records
  • Accessible on all devices
  • Establish performance requirements
  • Customize curriculum with site-specific content, company developed learning modules and or custom test creation
  • Cost effective, specialized programs for security teams
  • Courses suitable for many diverse environments including workplace security, healthcare security, shopping center security, campus security, casino security, unarmed security, private security, hospital security, security management and more
  • Improved management of critical risk threats
  • View catalogue of available courses and tests
  • Enroll students in courses and tests
  • Take learning assessments online
  • Access learning plans, view transcripts, and resume courses already in progress
  • View student transcripts, run reports, activate or inactivate users, and print certificates of completion
  • Generate e-mail messages to students and managers regarding enrolments
  • Custom content management
  • Plan, schedule, register, track and print certificates of completion for instructor led training that is customer-managed and administered
  • Streamline inspections – conduct routine inspections of trucks, tools, medical supplies, drugs, and other items logged in inventory records
  • Track 3rd party AICC/SCORM compliant content
  • Track AICC/SCORM compliant content created and hosted by the user
  • Simplify Compliance – meet federal, state and local training mandates with more than 2,500 online training courses for public entities

The Basic Security Officer Learning Plan offers early career security personnel the basic training they need to prepare them for the job ahead.

The series includes lessons on safety and security methods, emergency preparedness, effective communications, report writing, ethical conduct, introductory courses on civil and criminal law, patrols and investigations and many other critical topics.


  • Communications
  • Report Writing
  • Emergency Situations
  • Physical Security and Crime Prevention
  • Asset Protection and Security
  • Patrols and Fixed Posts
  • Fire Protection and Life Safety
  • Ethics, Deportment and Professional Conduct
  • Civil Law and Civil Liability
  • Criminal Law and Criminal Liability
  • Human and Public Relations
  • Investigations

The Campus Security Officer Training Series offers high quality video enriched programs including real-world demonstrations and actual situations in which personnel can react, thereby increasing engagement, retention and results.

The Learning Plan is stocked with modules of life and infrastructure protection security patrol courses to protect students and school property.


  • Physical Security in the School Environment
  • Residence Hall Security
  • Special Events
  • Critical Incident Response in the School Environment
  • Fire and Emergency Response Planning
  • Campus Awareness and Crime Prevention
  • Crime and Incident Scene Protection
  • Report Writing
  • Alcohol Abuse on Campus
  • Campus and Community Relations
  • Legal Responsibilities

The Casino Security Officer Training Series addresses the risks unique to the casino industry and necessary procedures to minimize them.


  • Role of the Security Officer in the Casino Industry
  • Security Officer Procedures in the Casino Industry
  • Emergency Procedures in the Casino Industry

Professional security officers must be trained to take action at a moment’s notice.

This series covers various threats and procedures to eliminate them and protect lives.


  • Bomb Threat Response
  • Emergency Department Security
  • Emergency Response in the Retail Setting
  • Evacuations
  • Fire and Emergency Response
  • Fire Apparatus and Response in a Healthcare Facility
  • First Aid Essentials
  • First Response to Felony Crimes
  • Handling Emergency Situations
  • Hate Crimes
  • Infant Abduction (Part 1)
  • Infant Abduction (Part 2)
  • Introduction to Emergency Management (Part 1)
  • Introduction to Emergency Management (Part 2)
  • Medical Emergency Response (Part 1)
  • Medical Emergency Response (Part 2)
  • Tactical Responses to Practical Situations
  • Workplace Violence Prevention

General Duties covers the fundamental skills professional security officers require a variety of incident types.


  • Access Control
  • Building Searches
  • Correcting Common Errors in Report Writing
  • Crime and Incident Scene Investigations (Part I)
  • Crime and Incident Scene Investigations (Part II)
  • Customer Service as a Security Function
  • Detection Procedures
  • Effective Interviewing
  • Enforcement Techniques
  • Event Security (Part I)
  • Event Security (Part II)
  • Event Security (Part III)
  • Gang Trends
  • General Report Writing
  • Inspections
  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Interviewing at the Scene
  • Juveniles and Gangs
  • Maintaining a Safe Work Environment
  • Physical Fitness for Security Officers (Part I)
  • Physical Fitness for Security Officers (Part II)
  • Professional Communication (Part I)
  • Professional Communication (Part II)
  • Radio Communication (Part I)
  • Radio Communication (Part II)
  • Search and Escort
  • Search and Seizure (Part I)
  • Search and Seizure (Part II)
  • Security and Police Relations
  • Shoplifters
  • Telephone Techniques
  • Testifying as a Security Officer
  • The Basics of Fixed Security Posts

The online Homeland Security Training series helps officers stay prepared for the unthinkable.


  • Terrorism: The Security Challenge
  • Threat of Terrorism in the U.S.

This series on interpersonal and public communication helps security officers uphold a presence of authority, communicate tactfully and defuse conflict.


  • Command Presence
  • Communicating with Angry People
  • Communication Mistakes to Avoid
  • Dealing with Mentally Ill Persons
  • Defusing Conflict and Crisis
  • Engaging the Customer
  • Lobby or Reception Area Security
  • Lost Children
  • Proxemics and Personal Space
  • Public Relations
  • Tactical Communications

While protecting the public and properties, security officers also need to prioritize their own safety. This series highlights techniques to help officers protect themselves.


  • Edged Weapon Defense
  • Evaluate and Use Non-Verbal Messages (Part I)
  • Evaluate and Use Non-Verbal Messages (Part II)
  • Handcuffing Techniques
  • Legally Defensible Training Tactics (Part I)
  • Legally Defensible Training Tactics (Part II)
  • Non-Aggressive Defense
  • OC Sprays
  • Principles for the Use of Force
  • Security Officer Safety
  • Tactical Thinking

The Security Manager Learning Plan offers valuable courseware for security leaders and provides guidelines on how current security supervisors can grow into senior leadership roles. The series offers upper level training for management development and refinement. Courseware in leadership principles, management communication, performance evaluation, liability avoidance, professional standards, emergency preparedness, sexual harassment, and crisis management are just a few examples of this must have curriculum for security managers and those on their way.


  • Basics of Risk Management
  • Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management
  • Fusion Centers
  • Leadership Principles
  • Preparing Performance Evaluations
  • Professional Standards
  • Reducing Business Risk
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Supervisor Communication
  • Time Management


  • Basic Security Tool Kit
  • Controlling Aggressive Individuals
  • Crime Scene Containment
  • Emergency Situations
  • Fire Alarms and Extinguishers
  • General Duties General Report Writing
  • Patrol Radio and Telephone Communications
  • Security Officer Safety

The Security Supervisor Learning Plan is aimed at improving the leadership skills and operational practices of both new and veteran security supervisors.

Supervisors must be vigilant of anything that can put personnel at risk such as sexual harassment or substance abuse and hold their team to organizational standards.


  • Supervisors: Behavior and Motivation
  • Supervisors: Counselling and Sexual Harassment
  • Supervisors: Employee Performance Evaluations
  • Supervisors: Substance Abuse
  • Supervisors: Time Management

Traffic Control and Vehicle Safety training series addresses strategies to ensure vehicle safety and manage traffic.


  • Focus on Vehicles
  • Parking Lot Security
  • Safe Driving Strategies
  • Traffic Safety and Control

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