Electrical Skills

PLC, circuits, controls, electrical safety, electrical maintenance tests, preventative maintenance and electrical simulation training.

Electrical Safety Training Courses Online ensures safe and reliable operations

The Electrical Courses online provides electrical safety training and simulation for all electrical maintenance mechanics, electricians and electric technicians with real-word video, animated graphics, pop-up descriptions, demonstrations and simulations to put learners on location and train safely in real situational environments.

Courses provide learning from basic to more advanced concepts. In most learning plans, courses become progressively more difficult and provide a measurable, steady development as an employee advances to upper tiers.

Trainees will learn how to perform regular industrial electrical maintenance tests, critical for ensuring safe and reliable operations. The Electrical Training series helps to increase safety awareness, increase baseline knowledge, keep pace with electrical technological change and updates, transition from a repair/replace focus to predictive/ preventative maintenance practises, and evolve to multi-craft performance and efficiency.

All courses are authored by a team of more than 100 subject matter/industry experts to ensure professional organization requirements are met. In addition, all instructional designers are committed to delivering exceptional course presentations.

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