Industrial Skills Training Online

Industrial Skills Training Series online teaches common industrial, process and manufacturing equipment and preventative maintenance procedures.

Ensures competency, safety, regulatory compliance for enhanced productivity and reduced liability

Industrial Skills

The online Industrial Skills Training Series is designed to develop the skills and knowledge required for plant operators and employees in the process, industrial and manufacturing industries. Courses cover common industrial and manufacturing equipment and preventative maintenance procedures.

Topics Covered

Health and Safety Training Online

EHS training based on industry best practices and international standards established by OSHA and the EPA

Health and Safety

Complete with powerful 3D animations and models, these interactive online safety training courses address common hazardous situations faced in a variety of environments. The courses provide in-depth EHS training that helps put learners “on location” and ready to address hazardous conditions in a safe environment.

Employees can learn to recognize and prevent at-risk behavior or situations before they lead to an incident and managers can track course completion progress to ensure EHS safety training awareness is continuously improving. Courses are also available in multiple languages.

Health and Safety Topics Covered

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